Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Just to clear things up

I have people *coughIZZcough* keep pointing out errors and mistakes. I understand that you're trying to be helpful. But I just want to clear something up.
Nix and Mist is Co-Written, every chapter. I usually start it, as... let's call it a draft. Then I send it to Mist, who edits and adds and changes and makes it better. Then he sends it back to me, and I look over it and change it and occasionally edit it. If I do change it, I send it back to Mist and he edits it again. If I don't change it, then I usually just post it right then.
When Mist starts a chapter, he writes it, and then sends it to me. I look over it (and sometimes edits it), and if I change it, I send it back to him for editing. This happens for almost every chapter. You can understand how after this something might have been missed and spelt wrong, or we leave out some puncuation sometimes. And I think Mist often writes some of it on his phone of iPod. So there's another way mistakes can be made. What I'm trying to say is we aren't careless, not bothering to look over our work.We just have to re-write it and send it so often that mistakes are made. I might be a bad speller, but I try my best to get no mistakes, and Mist is a good speller (at least compared to me) and any mistakes are by the fact of his phone or iPod, or mistakes in email. Just trying to clear things up.


  1. Good work, Nix. *nods*

    Oh, also people, we are going to try and get Nix and Mist published one day (shut up, we can dream if we want to), so what you read HERE is a draft of the entire thing, but a good draft. Meaning that until we have properly finished the entire thing and have Derek's permission and a willing publisher and all that, it will not be edited again.


  2. Three things.
    1. Understood and taken into account
    2. I think you have a great chance of getting this published. There's a book that started out on a fanfiction website and is now a best selling ebook. And that was actually a really weird Twilight rip-off. SO you your dreams are not far-fetched.
    3. I believe you meant phone OR iPod. Not phone of iPod.

    There are other things I might say but I like the number three and I can't think of six things without getting ridiculous.

  3. Upon editing my own comment I would like to remove the unnecessary you.
    I have shamed myself.
    *hangs head in foolish shame*

    I watched Inception. It was awesome.

  4. I want to make a third comment but I can't think of anything...

    OH guess what! I've found a book at my school library called 1001 Movies To See Before You Die. My movie crisis has been averted for at least 3 years!