Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Madness Behind the Titiles

So a few people have been asking me why the Chapter Titles have basically nothing to do with the actual chapters themselves (no one has asked, I’m just bored). Ch 4 for example. The healers who annoy Lyra really don't play a large part in the chapter at all. In fact I doubt I'd even consider it a minor part.
So anyway, I decided I'd make a short-ish post up here explaining the madness behind the title names. So everyone knows and then you won't need to ask me ALL THE TIME!!! (because everyone is asking)...*cough*
Yes. Since I'm actually the one who comes up with the Chapter Names (I add it in when I'm going through the editing), I suppose it really is only me who puts much thought into any of it. Actually, Nixion came up with the one for Ch 3 but I've done the others. Not that this makes any difference to this post. I'm just enjoying my incredible font again.
*grins at the spiky font* 

Moving on. The point is, I like to make the Chapter Names have something that is mentioned in the story, but really has no relevance to the chapter what-so-ever. Why?
I don't know!

~ Servus Mist ~

EDIT: Chapter 5 is being written and is, from what I hear, going pretty well. I doubt you'll need to wait as long for the next one, but I'm not going to confirm that. 


  1. can i come up with the chapter name for this one?

  2. *sulks*
    Why do i even have to ask you? Should I be able to come up with the chapter names if i want?

  3. this goes against the "not relavant" theme you got going, but i think it suits the chapter

    1. Just tell me what it is when you've finished.

    2. be finished in a couple of days
      This chapter is flowing to me


      Chances are it'll be up by the weekend then. Be happy.
      *resists urge to quote a line from South Texas Death Ride*