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Because, that's why.


Name: Nixion Strange

Age: 14, almost 15

Magic: Adept

Adept Ability/s: Bone Breaking – Tesseract

Gender: Male

Appearance: Nixion is thin, just taller than the average 14 year old with brown eyes that carry a dark tormented look in them. He wears a protective jacket on special occasions, but most of the time, Nixion just wears black leather jacket, black jeans and a t- shirt. Black boots cover his feet and he carries a machete with him at all times.

Personality: Nixion Strange is very prone to mood swings. They can vary from becoming suddenly violent to being lost in thought to a cheerful teen. In a fight, Nixion can get overly violent and take it too far, sometimes accidentally injuring himself and his allies if in a rage which will occasionally allow him to loose control.

History: At the age of ten, Nixion was kidnapped by a Sorcerer criminal and was forcibly taught the Bone Breaking Adept discipline. This was done with an insane combination of brainwashing and extreme torture upon Nixion which eventually changed something in his mind, thus creating his sudden mood swings. Finally, at 11, Nixion was abruptly released with no warning whatsoever. To this day Nixion attempts to fight the brainwashing done on him which also explains his over-the-top violence at times. Nixion, now driven insane through all the torture he experienced, became a brutal for of personified evil and spent the next three years murdering people. It was a messy and blood-drenched life which soon led back to Australia where he attacked the Australian Sanctuary. After almost killing the Grand Mage, Zathract Mist and a few other people stopped Nixion and arrested him where before standing trial. Nixion was kept in prison for a year before having his hearing and, amazingly, he managed to regain most of his sanity in that time. A year passed and Nixion found Zathract Mist arguing against having Nixion prosecuted. In the end, he was released into the open again under the statement that he was insane at the time of his crimes. A year after he was released, Nixion Strange was saved by Zathract Mist from a horde of zombies and the two kind of latched on to each other afterwards. It isn’t safe to say they are friends at all, but they are allies but also seem to be arguing constantly over almost everything.
Nixion Strange lives in Australia and helps Zathract Mist on cases for the Australian Sanctuary.

Name: Lyra Blue

Age: 66 (looks twenties)

Magic: Adept

Adept Abilities: Varied: excellent with weapons, difficult to injure, harder to kill. Combat specialty.

Appearance: Lyra has jagged black silky hair that stretches to her shoulders. Her build is slim and has an average height and weight for a twenty year old. Her skin is pale and Lyra has dark brown eyes. She mostly wears clothes of black and red and seems to reserve white for special occasions.

Personality: Lyra is actually a bit paranoid and it is displayed publically as she has at least six weapons on her at all times. She never trusts anyone under any circumstances and but observe people she could possibly count as allies while acting casual, not giving away the fact that she is watching them Blue is normally quiet unless selling something to earn herself a living.

History: Lyra has always loved martial arts and loved actually doing it even more. And swords too. Lyra always liked swords. Also guns. Guns were a must. And still are. Lyra was born an orphan, never knowing what happened to her parents. She left the orphanage at the age of 10, seeking out her parents and trying to collect information on them. Eventually she tracked down her auntie who informed her that Lyra’s mother died in childbirth and her father was driven insane by the loss, now locked up in an asylum. Shattered by this piece of information, Lyra left her auntie before she could protest and ended up living on the streets for four years after becoming lost. Lyra always kept on the move, not wanting to go back to the orphanage but also despising the streets she lived on.
After four years, Lyra accidentally caught sight of two reckless Sorcerers battling in a pub one night and soon learned of the secret magical subculture that existed all over the world. After losing the trail of the two Sorcerers, Lyra searched and studied and searched some more and soon she found a Mage willing to teach her magic (should she have any) as long as she stopped pestering him. Much to the Mage’s dismay, it turned out that Lyra did have magic and he was forced to help her learn Adept powers. After a year, the Mage abandoned her after she assured him that she no longer required assistance.
Now that she had learned magic, Lyra begun to age much slower and lived through many centuries, discovering along the way that she had been left a huge load of illegal weapons by her made grandfather. Unable to work out why she was left this, Lyra took them anyway. Now 66, Lyra Blue deals in magical and non-magical weapons, selling them to make a living and using them to kill her opponents.

Name: Gabriel Cobalt

Age: 23

Magic: Adept

Adept Specialty: Symbol (Sigil)/Arcane Languages

Gender: Male

Appearance: Gabriel has dark eyes and short black hair. He is skinny and mostly wears a professional suit, even in his everyday life making him appear slightly pompous.

Personality: Gabriel is treacherous and will observe everyone before approaching them. He will get what he needs, then abandon his enemies, sometimes his allies. He is very manipulative.

History: At the age of 20, Gabriel stumbled across a book full of instructions on how to learn symbol magic. Interested at the fantasy, Gabriel read through it and became more interest withy whoever wrote it, even though he didn't actually believe any of it. Unfortunately for him there was no information on the author, not even a name, thus leaving him with no leads on which to take. Though he didn’t believe in anything the book said, Gabriel marvelled at how “cool” it would be to have the kind of things written. In an attempt he knew would not work to get the power inside the book, Gabriel carved a symbol into his hand. As soon as it was completed, power surged through Gabriel and his fists pumped with energy. Within five minutes the symbol had faded, but his power remained and Gabriel stood mobile, amazed. Finally he moved and marvelled at the incredible power he now had at his disposal, the book suddenly becoming clear. He then decided that all this was actually real and realized that it was also dangerous, that there would be other people like him now too. Magic…He decided to keep it a secret. Gabriel then moved away from his parents and got an apartment far away from them in order to protect them. He barricaded himself and became isolated to the outside world while doing nothing but study magic. He eventually found more and more books and became an expert on symbols, which he later renamed “sigils”, and arcane languages magic.
Gabriel soon realized that he was aging slower and assumed that that was because he was learning magic. He got more and more books on other kinds of magic and learned all about the secret magical subculture. He then chose a magic type, Adept, and became a sorcerer. Now 23, Gabriel just collects books to learn more about magic of other people so if he ever gets in a fight with them he will be able to guess what they're moves will be. He has lots of connections and money all anonymous. Gabriel does not make allies easily, partly because he is always suspicious of them. After observing them for long enough, he will then accept them. Gabriel does not fight often but has had to defend himself multiple times.

Name: Zathract Mist

Age: 15 years

Magic: Elemental + Necromancy

Adept Power: [N/A]

Gender: Male

Personality: Zathract is relatively cheerful, though is very determined when it comes to a case. He despises people who are classified as "evil" and classifies himself as one of "the good guys", as well he should. Zathract will tell an occasional joke but mostly sticks to whatever topic he and whoever else is discussing.

Appearance: Zathract has long black hair that covers the back of his head and falls over his ears, blocking them from view. His eyes are emerald green and will stare into your soul, should he deem it necessary. His clothes consist of a black jacket, black pants and a black shirt, all made by Kassd None who is one of the best tailors in Australia, his qualities rivaling Ghastly Bespoke's in Ireland.
He wears expensive sunglasses he likes to call shades and his boots are also made by Kassd.
Zathract's gloves channel his Necromancy Magic.

History: When the seven year old Zathract had accidentally stumbled across the Australian Sanctuary, he took an interest to the hidden world at once and devoted himself to magic. Reluctantly, an Elemental mage named Masoling-Grid Ragikk took him under his wing and started teaching him how to use his magic abilities after it was discovered that he had quite a lot bottled up inside him. Zathract, Jake Frox back then, went through many processes including having to choose a name. He eventually chose the name “Zathract Mist” for reasons he will not reveal. Ragikk started calling Zathract “Zath” to annoy him and Zathract begun calling Masoling-Grid “Maso” in turn. They both cared for one another and saved each other’s lives many times. Each seemed destined to be partner in detective work, yet also to drive one another up the wall as often as possible.
Zathract soon became employed by the Elders of Australia and he joined Ragikk in solving crimes and fighting various notorious villains. Unfortunately for Zathract, Masoling-Grid was killed while they battled Vathrasi, a warrior who had sided with Mevolent in the War. Vathrasi had decided to go against the Sanctuary who had done a deal with him and had taken up his old ways, moving against the Sanctuary.
Fortunately, Zathract and Ragikk alerted the Elders before his Hollow Men breached the entrance and they were able to barricade the Sanctuary and reinforce its defences. It was a fierce battle when Vathrasi himself blew down the defences blocking the entrance and somehow, Masoling-Gird ended up battling Vathrasi alone. Zathract, only being ten at the time, was thoroughly confused and had his hands full with Hollow Men himself. He tried to help his partner, but it was too late. Vathrasi had struck and Masoling-Grid Ragikk fell.
A month later the Sanctuary had been rebuilt and Vathrasi had vanished. No one knew whether or not he had been killed in the confusion, but Zathract knew he was still out there, weak and binding his time, waiting to strike again.
Zathract swore to himself to take down Vathrasi for killing his friend and mentor, but he hasn’t seen Vathrasi since that day. Instead, he continued his detective work for the Sanctuary, alone now, but just as effective as he was with Ragikk. He soon heard that Nefarian Serpine had done a similar thing against the Ireland Sanctuary a few years back. In-between solving cases and bringing down more villains, Zathract attempted to track down Vathrasi, but he hasn’t had much luck so far.
And then he had met Vai Melt, a women trained in Necromancy, while ending up in a temple in Australia when working on a case. He had heard about Necromancy before, but never had a desire to learn anything about it. Vai wasn’t like other Necromancers though. She seemed quite normal actually. She saw that he had Necromancer powers in him as well as Elemental, something that surprised Zathract quite a bit considering that he seemed quite talented in that area of magic already. Vai Melt taught him some basic Necromancy and he quickly excelled in the subject, choosing to channel the power through his gloves, something he would always keep on. The only problem with them now was they kept his hands thoroughly cold due to the death magic running through them. Though Vai could never replace Ragikk, she was still a comfort to him none the less.

Zathract Mist continues to work for the Australian Sanctuary and works as a detective still.

Name: Mahogany Reen

Age: 19, almost 20.

Magic: Elemental

Gender: Female

Appearance: Mahogany has light brown hair and blue eyes, warm expression, hardly ever stands up straight, always bouncing on her feet, when she's bored she likes to mouth the words to her favourite songs (including commercial songs) and she even bops to them. Wears colours like faded red and brown and faded white. Always dresses casually, except when she is expected to dress formally, in which case she would dress in the most beautiful dress you've ever seen. She's funny like that.

Personality: A kind girl, she truly is, loves to patronise bad guys despite the fact that she'd be younger than them. If a friend yells at her, she'll look away, but if it's someone other than that, she'll suffer from chronic grinning for an hour max. She doesn't mind seriousness, but hates to see friends upset, and will do lots to cheer them up. She hates to use magic in an act of violence unless it is absolutely necessary. Fighters struggle to fathom her reasons, but still have a healthy respect for her, since she never speaks against their lifestyle. Loves to use magic to make life every bit easier, she's that kiddy.

History: Elemental magic has always come easily to Mahogany. Her family and their friends watched her as she grew up, and were absolutely astonished when she threw her kindergarten teacher into the sandpit without even touching her. She had been four years old at the time, and even in her adorable innocence she had been kicked out of kindergarten....and then primary school....on the first day. Her family decided to homeschool her, but she barely paid attention and spent her time reading the dictionary and sending her pet fish (called Cthulhu) into shocking water tornadoes. It still lives. She refused all offers for jobs in the Sanctuary, and the only work she's ever done is helping her friends and teaching kids how to spell.


  1. Nice stuff. Hate to break it to you though but Necromancy is Adept so you'll have to change that bit on your OC Zath...